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Our Approach to Guided Tours in New York City

My name is Sal I was born in Brooklyn and I’m a proud New York native.  I spent years down in the financial district, where I perfected the art of customer service in a demanding environment.  When I couldn’t stand being cooped up in that office for another second, I decided to become a tour guide, and I started giving guided tours. Soon after City Tales Sightseeing was born.

At the start, I realized something very important; I don’t own the streets, the sights, the landmarks, the attractions or places of interest that you want to see, and neither do the other sightseeing or tour companies who want you to choose them to take you there.

Right away, I knew that the value in a guided tour is how you, our guests, experience it.  So I put a lot of thought and planning into creating every tour, from what route to take, to what content to include and how it should be delivered so that it’s interesting, entertaining, and memorable.  I know you have many choices for guided tours so I have to make ours special.  I also put an emphasis on how we treat you and the service we provide to create that experience.  I promise you’ll always feel welcome like you have a friend or family member showing you around, you’ll have fun, and you’ll experience things you wouldn’t on your own.


What Makes Our Guided Tours Special?

It’s our guides.  Thanks to their experience and know-how you save time and see more.  Your passionate, friendly guide will entertain you with engaging stories that accent your visit, capture your imagination, and bring it all to life.  Of course, they’ll make sure you’re in the best position for the great views and photos you don’t want to miss.  That’s what makes our tours special, fun, and memorable for all ages and interest levels.

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